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Crochet A Trunk-Full O' Fun!

2016 Crochet Calendar on sale now! 

My 2016 Crochet Pattern Calendar has arrived!

You can find 3 of my patterns in this one.

April 8: Tulip Beanie

April 13: Fingerless mitts

September 21: Unbreakable Yarn Bowl.

Thank you!

Thank you for making me one of the top bloggers once again!


Learn to Loom Knit!

Good Knit Kisses

The 2014 Crochet Calendar

I have a new pattern for the Champagne & Caviar Skull Cap published in the 2014 Crochet Calendar!

Order your copy here.

Upcoming events:

I will be teaching two classes Sunday, March 30, 2014 at DFW Fiberfest!

The first class is at 9:30 AM, Reading Crochet Charts. These squares will be made and put together to make a scarf.

The second class begins at 2:00 PM, Amigurumi basics.

Sign up early and enter for a chance to win a full weekend package!

2012 All Free Crochet top 98 patterns

Two of my patterns made the top 98! Check it out!

All Free Crochet Top 98 Patterns

How to make a decent video!

Tutorial Video Making Tips...

1. Lighting. Be sure you have plenty of light. Filming with sunlight light BEHIND the camera works well. I usually have one or two more lamps in addition to sunlight.

2. Use a table-top tripod or a stack of books. Having the camera stable makes a clearer video. Place the camera between you & your hands so the viewer can see what your hands are doing. Make sure your hands are in shot. (My early videos often had my hands out of shot)

3. Camera settings...Make sure it's set on high quality and anti-shake is turned off. (unless you are carrying the camera in your hands.)...Use the micro or macro setting for the close-up part. Test and play with the lighting settings as well. Also, You Tube works well with the 16:9 ratio.

4. Editing. Use a good editing program. I sometimes use Windows Movie maker. (They are NOT compatible with mp4 format) For the HD videos I use the program that came with my video camera. I can't do the easy editing with it like WMM, but I can have the high quality video.

5. Take notes. I often "hop down the rabbit trail" while filming and have to edit a lot out. When I use notes, I tend to stay on track better.

6. Have the written pattern available. Post it on a forum like, or Ravelry, or your own blog/website, or make your own website here on

7. Get people to visit your video...first of all, be sure you are following any forums or websites rules... Post your video's link on your favorite forums & websites.

I hope these tips help!

Links & Resources

Please note I have rated these links to the best of my ability.

*FF= Family-friendly; okay for little eyes to see

*AO= adults only; These are noted by their managers as adults only...

I do not link to anything X-rated!

Free Prairie Star pattern from Coats & Clark

* My photobucket album FF

* My youtube How to Crochet videos FF

* Creative Boutique... A wonderful group of friends crafting for charity and doing exchanges. FF

* a cool needleworkers website! FF

* Crochet Pattern Central...A wonderful site linking to free patterns all over the internet! FF

* The Dr Who Group... A discussion board for Dr Who fans AO

* Global Friendships... a worldwide group of friendly folks who learn PSP, play games, exchange jokes, etc. AO

* AUTISM discussion group. FF

* The Colony Senior & Community Center Crochet Group. FF