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Crochet A Trunk-Full O' Fun!

Greek Key Border & Pouch Pattern

Greek Key border

Get the PDF here.

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This border is worked in the round, creating a maze effect.

Multiple of 4 +1 of each side for Round 1 including corner sts, (so when you count the sts in your second side, count the corner sts again.) Be sure to get this correct or it will throw off the pattern for the border. You can fudge the numbers by adding a sc or two on each side, or decreasing sc.

Note: Optional: Mark the corner stitches. (the one you counted twice)

Do not cut yarn after each round, ch 1, then pull up a long loop.

Start next color on opposite corner.

Each consecutive round will have 2 more stitches on each side.

To add more borders, round 7 will become round 1 of the next border.

Special stitches:

BL- Stitches are worked in back loops.

FLDC- Dc in front loop of st 2 rows below, and skip the stitch behind the FLDC.


Entire border is worked with the right side facing.

Work in 2 contrasting colors. Colors A & B alternate in each row.

Work 3 sc in each corner.

Join at the end of each round.

All the corners of every round will be: Sc in the first corner sc, 3 sc in the center corner sc, and 1 sc in the last corner sc.


Round 1: Color A: Sc in BL each stitch.

Round 2: Color B: Sc in BL each stitch.

Round 3: Color A: Sc in BL each stitch.

Round 4: Color B: *3 sc in BL of corner sc, sc in BL next sc, (FLDC in next sc 2 rows below color B row, Sc BL next 3 sc) across to st just before 3 corner sc. FLDC in next st, sc in BL of next sc. Repeat

from * around.

Round 5: Color A: * 3 sc in BL of corner sc, (sc BL next sc, FLDC in next sc 2 rows below, sc BL next dc, FLDC in next sc 2 rows below) repeat across to corner. Sc BL next sc. Repeat from

* around.

Round 6: Color B: *3 sc in BL of corner sc, sc BL next sc, FLDC in next sc 2 rows below, (sc BL next 3 sts, FLDC in next sc 2 rows below the sc in the box) repeat across to next corner, sc BL next sc, repeat

from * around.

Round 7: Color A: Sc BL each stitch. This round can be used to join layers for a pocket or a pillow.

Cell Phone/ Blackberry Pouch


1- 1.75 oz (50 g) ball each of two contrasting colors of medium worsted weight yarn, a size I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook.

Center front: With color A, chain 8, sc in second chain from hook in loop on back of chain and in each chain across. (7sc)

Round 1: Work in back loop only. Ch 1, turn. 2 sc in first sc, sc in each sc across, 3 sc in last sc, 1 sc in the side of last sc, 3 sc in back loop of next ch, sc across, 3sc in last ch, sc in side of last sc, 1 sc in same space as first 2 sc. Sl st to first sc. (This is equivalent to the first round of the Greek key border pattern. 9 sc on the long sides, and 5 sc on the short sides, (including the corner stitch). There should be a total of 25 sc in the round.

Follow Greek Key pattern from round 2 to finish the front of the pouch. Repeat for back of pouch, or make a plain rectangle the same size & seam together on 3 sides.

Sample was joined Right sides together making a slip stitch through the outer loops. Then a round of sc blo was added to the opening, and a long chain was made for the strap.

Elizabeth Ham