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Crochet A Trunk-Full O' Fun!

Grannie Ripple

See the crochet-along videos on my channel on You Tube.

(corrected 3/12/2010 corrections are in red.)

To make a baby afghan, use fine yarn and an F hook, for a larger afghan use medium weight yarn and an I hook, for a really big afghan, use bulky yarn and a K hook or larger.

Note: (added 10-19-11) If you want to make the afghan a different size, crochet a chain a multiple of 23 stitches, then add 3 more chains & begin the pattern. ...thanks to jeannieree from Ravelry for figuring this one out!

shell = make 3 dc in one ch or space.

cluster (cl)= (yo, insert hook, yo, draw up a loop, yo, draw thru 2 loops)

3 times in same ch or space. Yo draw thru all 4 lps.

Gauge: Using an I-9 hook, 3 shells and 3 ch-1 sps = 3 inches.


Chain 164,

Row 1: Shell in 6th ch from hook, (ch 1, sk 2 ch, shell in next ch) 2 times,

*ch 1, skip 2 ch, (shell, ch-3, shell) in next ch, (ch 1, sk 2 ch,

shell in next ch) 2 times, Ch 1, skip 2 ch, cl in next ch, skip 4, cl in next ch,

(ch 1, skip 2 ch, shell), 2 times, repeat from * 5 more times.

Ch 1, skip 2 ch, (shell, ch 3, shell) in next ch, (ch 1, sk 2 ch, shell in next ch) 3 times.

Do not ch 1, skip ch, dc in last ch, turn. (7 “peaks”, and 6 “valleys”)

Row 2: Ch 3, skip next shell, (shell in ch-1 sp, ch 1) 3 times.

* (shell, ch 3, shell ) in next ch-3 sp, (ch 1, shell in next ch-1 sp) 2 times.

Ch 1, cl in next ch-1 sp, skip 2 cl sts, cl in next ch-1 sp,

(ch 1, shell in next ch-1 sp) 2 times, ch 1; Repeat from * across 5 more times.

(shell, ch 3, shell ) in next ch-3 sp, (ch 1, shell in next ch-1 sp) 3 times.

Do not ch 1, Dc in top of turning-ch, turn.

Remaining rows: Repeat Row 2.

Edging: Sc in each dc and ch across top skipping the cluster stitches and

making 2 sc in the center ch of the ch-3 peaks. Sc down the side making 1 sc

in the ch-3's and 2 sc in the dcs. Place 2 sc in the corner stitchs. Sc across the

beginning chain skipping 3 ch's below the 2-shell inside corner, and placing 2 sc in each of the center 2 skipped chs between the clusters. Sc up the other side in the same manner as the first side. Sl st in first sc, break off and fasten. Draw in tails.

Elizabeth Ham

September, 2009

Pattern copyright 2009, Elizabeth Ham, all rights reserved.

Terms of use: I retain copyrights to all my patterns. You may do whatever you like

with the finished item. However, you may not sell or redistribute my patterns. Do

not claim the patterns as your own. Do not post them on a website or in emails. You may post a link to this pattern.