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Crochet A Trunk-Full O' Fun!

DC Spiral Hat or Wiggie By Beth Ham (2008)

One size fits most adults. Directions are in American crochet terms.

For childs sizes, use a smaller hook, omit last inc round, and make length shorter.

For hat cuff variations, see end of page.

For Wiggie, use a K hook & fun fur yarn. (for warmer wiggie, use a strand of sport or DK weight yarn held together with fun fur.)

For hat, use I hook & Medium worsted weight yarn. my gauge 3 dc =1 inch; 2 dc rows= 1 inch. Please note: Gauge does not really matter in this pattern. You can add increase rows to make larger around, you can add or subtract inches from length. (When adjusting the pattern, when adding increase rows, add one dc to the number of sts between increases in each row.)

*Do not sl st in ends of rounds, work in a spiral. Mark ends of rnds.


fpdc = front post double crochet: Yo, insert hook around bar of dc front to back & front, complete as dc.

bpdc = back post double crochet: Yo, insert hook around bar of dc back to front & back, complete as dc.

Dc inc or inc = Double crochet Increase: 2 dc in one stitch.

To begin, ch 2, while working over tail, (sc, hdc, 10dc) in 2nd ch from hook. Pull yarn tail to close hole. leave tail behind work to be drawn in later. (12 sts)

Rnd 2: Dc inc in each stitch around. Keep marking end of round. (24 dc)

Rnd 3: (dc in 1dc, inc in next dc) around. (36 dc)

Rnd 4: (dc in 2 dc, inc in next dc) around. (48 dc)

for hat only: Rnd 5: (dc in 3 dc, inc in next dc) around. (60 dc)

for all: Next Rnd: Dc in each dc around.

For basic beanie hat and wiggie: Continue working evenly until hat measures 7 inches long from center top. (about 14 rows) Hdc in next 3 dc, sc in each dc around. Sl st into 3 hdc. end off, draw in tail.

Hat cuff variations:

*Ribbed cuff: work pattern until hat measures 5 1/2 inches. Hdc in 3 dc. Sc in each dc around. Sc in 3 hdc, sl st in 1 sc, ch 2, dc in each st around. sl st in top of ch-2.

Next rnd: ch 1, sc in dc, ch 1 (fpdc in next dc, bpdc in next dc), repeat around. sk ch-3, sl st in ch-1.

Next rnd: ch 2, (fpdc in next fpdc, bpdc in next bpdc),repeat around. sl st in top of ch-2.

end off, or repeat until cuff is desired length.

*Ribbed fold-up cuff for extra warmth: Make same as ribbed cuff, but make hat 7-inches long. Work ribbing for two extra rows, fold up cuff.

*For a kippah or skull cap: continue until it's 4 inches, and finish as for basic. Trim with reverse sc.

Pattern copyright Elizabeth Ham 2008 all rights reserved.

Terms of use: I retain copyrights to all my patterns. You may do whatever you like

with the finished item. However, you may not sell or redistribute my patterns. Do

not claim the patterns as your own. Please feel free to share this pattern. Be sure to include this copyright notice when you print out this pattern. Thanks & have fun!