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Chain-Linked Diamonds 6- inch square


6-inch square

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Supplies: Number 4 medium worsted weight yarn. Color A & Color B. Example used white and green. A size I/9 (5.5 mm)crochet hook, two stitch holder/markers.

Gauge: 4 V stitches = 3 ½ inces; 8 rows = 3 inches.

Notes: Pattern is a multiple of 3 +1.

Work into loop on the back of the chain for a finished starting edge.

Do not cut yarn until square is finished. Use stitch holders to keep color not in use from unravelling. Hold color not in use behind work.

V st : (dc, ch1, dc) in indicated stitch. When working into a v st, work into the ch-1 sp.

Long Dc, (LDC): Yo, insert hook where indicated, draw up a long loop to be even with current row, (yo, draw thru 2) twice.

Rows 3 and following odd numbered color A rows: Work over the previous color B row, and into the V stitches in the row below. Use LDC to form the V stitches.

Directions: With color A, ch 25.

Row 1: Dc in 5th chain from hook. * Sk 2 ch, V st in next ch. Repeat from * across to last 2 chs. Sk 1 ch, dc in last ch. Do not turn. Drop A.

Row 2: Join B to ch-4 sp on right edge. J Ch 2, hdc in same sp. *(ch1, 2 hdc) in next V st. Repeat from * across. Turn. Drop B.

Row 3: Pick up A. Ch 3. Working into previous color A row (see notes), (V st in space between V sts.) across. Work last Vst into sp after last Vst below. LDC in ch-4 sp. Drop A.

Row 4: Pick up color B. Ch 3, (2 hdc, ch 1) in each V st across row. Drop B turn.

Row 5: Pick up A, ch 4, LDC in sp between dc & V st. Vst across row as in row 3. Place last V stover color B ch-3 and into color A ch-3 sps. Drop color A.

Row 6: Insert hook into Color A ch-4 sp, pick up color B loop & draw it through. Repeat Row 2 at J.

Rows 7- 15: Repeat rows 3-6. twice, then row 3 once.

By Elizabeth Ham 2012 with Thanks to Louise Perron of