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Crochet A Trunk-Full O' Fun!

Photo Gallery

2010 Projects 2010 Projects Tied With Ribbons Cardigan Pattern is from an old First for Women Magazine. My First New Years Resolution was to finish this! 79228624 Bows cardigan this is the tied with ribbons cardigan from the front. 79228626 Spring Blue Cardigan My second New Years Resolution UFO. I made this from a pattern I got from when Annie's was doing the free pattern a day. It was called Spring Green Cardigan. 79228625 Cardigan close up This is a close up scan of the diamond pattern of the Spring blue cardigan... having this printed out made it easier to repeat the pattern while shaping it. 79230627 Grannie Ripple This is the Afghan I made in the tutorial on how to make the Grannie Ripple on You Tube. 79228627 Frou Frou This Afghan was inspired by the Program Extreme Makeover Home Edition. There was a blind-deaf man who made quilts for the blind son of the home owner. It was made of different materials for the textures. I made this afghan out of a variety of textured yarns. 79228628 Annie's Lace Throw Inspired by the picture on the Spring 2010 Mary Maxim Catalog. They only sold the pattern in a kit. I do not need any more yarn, so I looked at the picture and came up with this. 79228629 Annie's Lace Throw close up. The center medallion. 79228630 Annie's Lace Trow detail the border 79228631 Scrappy steps Another scrappy! 79228632 Jacobs Ladder For Hospice 79228633 Jacobs Ladder CU Close up pic of Jacobs Ladder. 79228634 Psychodellic spiral I took the spiral square pattern found on the crochetme blog: and added more rounds for an afghan. 79228635 Granny Spiral center The center of my afghan find the center square pattern here: 79228636 Basic beret This is the beret I made while filming the Back to Basics how to crochet series on You Tube. 79230625 Champagne & Caviar This is a cap of my own design. I'm thinking about submitting the pattern to publishers. 79230626