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My own stories

My own stories

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The Doll House

Posted by bethintx on December 24, 2014 at 9:00 PM Comments comments ()

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When I was about 7 years old, my biggest wish for Christmas was to have a little doll house with all of the furniture and little dolls to go in it.


My older sister, Mary Lou took it upon herself to inform me that I was not going to get a doll house. That Mom & Dad could not afford it.


“But That is what I asked Santa to bring!” I exclaimed!


“There is no such thing as Santa and Mom & Dad buy all of your presents!” she snapped.


I was crying and Mom came in to see what was wrong and to comfort me. “What's wrong? Why are you crying? Aren't you excited about Christmas?”


“No!” I cried. “Mary Lou told me you and Daddy buy all my presents. That there is No such thing as Santa! She said that I won't get a doll house because you can't afford it!”


“Now you know that Mary Lou doesn't know what she is talking about! She is right that Daddy & I can't afford a dollhouse, but you did ask Santa for one didn't you?”


“Yes, but if there is no Santa then I won't get one!”


“Well, Honey, you will just have to wait and see. You know that Christmas is more about Jesus and his gift to us than it is getting presents don't you?” She said in a comforting voice.


“I know about the Jesus part, Mommy, but He knows I want a doll house too! I even prayed for one!”


“Okay Sweetheart, Let' dry those eyes. Would you like to help me bake some cookies?”


We did bake cookies, but I did not forget what Mary Lou had told me. I could not sleep at all Christmas eve. I could hear everyone up late and I was worried that Santa might not show up if everyone was awake.


I woke up early in spite of my lack of sleep. I walked out to the living room and there were gifts piled high.


Mom liked the picture I colored for her and all three of my sisters liked the gumball rings I bought for them. My brother Jimmy got hankies I cut from leftovers of Mom's fabric. He thought they were patches, but that is okay. As long as he could use them!


I opened my presents. I got the usual coloring book & crayons, a new outfit with socks and panties. I also got a tablet and pencils and a watercolor set. I really liked those presents, but I did not get the doll house.


After the wrappings and ribbons were all stuffed into a big ole trash bag, Mom told Dad to go ahead and run the train he had around the Christmas tree. And put on some Christmas music. He said, “What is this box in the way?”


Mom said “I don't know where that came from. It is not the same wrapping paper I used on the rest of the presents! What does the tag say?”


“To Beth Ann from Santa Claus.” What do you know?! Dad exclaimed.


In the large box was my beloved doll house! It was the best Christmas ever!


I almost lost my childlike faith that Christmas. It was restored by the doll house miracle.


I had childhood faith that Santa would deliver because I prayed to Jesus about it.


(this is the part Parents do not need to tell the kids)


I was 12 years old when my Mother confessed to me that she & Dad indeed did buy me the doll house. That she was quite upset with my sister for what she told me. Because of that Christmas, I still believed at 12 years old! In a way I still do believe in Santa Claus. He has helped teach me faith. Now I put my faith in the Lord. God Bless, and I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.


Elizabeth Ann Morrison Ham

This story took place December, 1972.

I wrote it out December, 2013.